Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two Blogs One Life...

Back in France and about to return to my voluntary teaching in the small village school.

Its been 18 months since I last taught there;  a year of cancer diagnosis,operations & treatments. So  I am on the eve of writing a piece which actually applies to both the blogs I maintain;  and ; a strange feeling, my two worlds colliding.

So what am I going to teach, well what else but family. "Je m'appelle Md. Machin, et vous?" I start again, mostly new / different children and  I needs must return to basics; names, introductions and family.

Very apt, in that, in France and particularly rural France,  ' mon famille' is all important. Indeed it was my family that was so important in my journey to recovery. More than a ' basic social unit related to one another', my family close & family of friends near & far have given me the encouragement to keep going.

So when I talk with the children and when we share our languages & experiences, it will mean so much more now.I will be communicating between my two worlds, merging  my France in France & my life with and of cancer.

So, Monday, in that small classroom will indeed be a joy; the joy of teaching, sharing, laughing, encouraging; in short the joy of living and that is difficult to write a lesson plan for. 

So here's my draft:           Lesson Plan for Life
OBJECTIVE: To share the joy of family close & far and understand how special they are
SYLLABUS / SCHEME/ PLAN: Learning intentions & Prior Learning
To communicate the emotion, recognise the limits and learn & apply prior life skills.
OUTCOMES:Key vocabulary & resources needed
Hope, positivity, resourcefulness and love
LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Warm up, differentiation and measurable goals.
So many years, so many faces and so much of the path trod. Yet still a lot to learn...
Living & loving....

Now that's what OFSTED would call, ' Outstanding'