Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making a spectacle...

The first day of July, or as near as possible, is  the designated day for the village fete. Now this is no ordinary do, with a few stalls and a meal, no this is big time. The school gates are fronted by decorated floats first the Moulin Rouge, then China, later a London bus decked in Olympic colours and finally the dancing troops and the musicians. All the children and I have to say most of the adults love this, its a parade , a beauty pageant and a chance to be part of  'Le Spectacle'.

And all this is in celebration of the village and  'le maximum show' as the publicity screams.
So what do the young girls see when they watch, or join in, well its easy they see the adoration of the 'Majorettes' (no its not Christmas) and the chance to see and maybe one day be, Miss France.I know it sounds odd, rather old fashioned, but its simply understood. It leads a whole new meaning to the my Granny's phrase about, "making a spectacle of yourself".