Sunday, July 8, 2012

That's very motivated young man

Well teaching has taken on a whole new dimension with the arrival of our first French, 'English Immersion Student'. Now these working hours run from 8.30 till 10.30 and are continuous. OK its not all formal teaching its a lot of activities and conversation, but the professionalism has to stay the same, the training of years.
So everything has to have the full explanation, be thought through and discussed with this delightful young man from the south of the region. Its tiring but enjoyable work with no down time as everything is an opportunity for language:game to play, language; film plot, language; even a cup of coffee, language.
This morning it was the vide grenier and he had to translate the announcements, then on to a traditional English Roast in, believe it or not, The Red Lion, surrounded by fellow Brits and listening to different accents and determining the content. He loved the food (yes you guessed Roast Beef), though was confused by the Yorkshire 'Pudding'..."is this a desert?"

And now back to the formal, work provided by the company and mostly grammar exercises, but some refreshing though difficult crosswords and a creative 'Scrap Book' to be completed over the week.

 Well motivated and with good humour this 13 year old has chosen to spend his holidays working on his that is impressive!