Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making your destiny

Recent events and the need to remain in the UK have made me review people & things. Its strange how peoples reactions do not always match your prediction of their response or even the words they actually say. Even silence can be as highly effective tell and makes you wonder about that person.

 I my life sometimes destiny just blows you down, bowls you away, for good or bad and you are just left standing there in confused awe at the situation you find yourself in. My granny used to say that everything was sent for a purpose, but its sometimes hard to see that when you don't get the job, friends are left wanting, or you miss the good deal. But like wise when you get that peace of mind at promotion, that qualification, that property,its just as mind blowing.

That's when destiny rolls right by & makes a path for you to follow; things you've worked to achieve over years just suddenly seem to come together. The outside world sees you as lucky, fortuitous, in the right place, its easy for you. They don't always see the time given, the sacrifice, the saving and denial hours of work the dedication of friendship, the depth of empathy, the subjugation of self and all the many attributes that you have put you where you are. 'Nought comes from nought' as the saying goes!

Heavy stuff, I know, but sometimes reassessment is the key to understanding and from now on I am not going to waste my time with those people, places and practicalities which judge me by their own shortcomings.

You are so lucky means you have generally worked very hard to make it so, so here's my language definitions when people say things so glibly.

Happy marriage =love, dedication, honesty, joint work and openness. Emotional maturity & accepting the past
Close family = selflessness and letting go. Ability to love without chains.
Serious health issues= resilience, determination, hard emotional decisions and openness.
Extended family= accepting the errors of the past & understanding/ weaknesses the failings of parents.
Property in France= courage, thrift, hard, physical graft & ongoing dedication to language & people
New UK property= years of not having the latest, hours of study & application, determination and effort to find the right property.
Great careers= years of study, delayed gratification, adstinence, pereverence, fortitude sometimes with little reward.
Good friends= giving time & effort to keep in touch, honesty and real empathy.
Stable pensions= the result of sixty plus years of hard work and sacrifice.
Financial security=thinking of the future, planning and saving. Sharing the financial burdon. Hard graft.

" Success is built sequentially; you need to decide which task, when done will make other tasks easier, even unnecessary"
So that is why,despite feeling rough, post operative unpleasantness I went with my husband to visit our 'Art Vacances' clients who are due to stay with us in early June. We spent a wonderful hour sharing their artistic hopes and enjoying their creative home. It was delightful and now we can provide a customised product for their holiday, they can really get what they want from their stay with us.

That hour  was hard work, I felt ill and in a difficult place, but it was a lovely time. We were given the privilege of sharing people dreams and this task, well done, has given us,and in turn will give to them, a special experience.
Its not always easy, but I think  destiny is, to a greater or lesser manner, made.
You can be dealt many hands of cards, its not the lottery luck & turn of the next card, its about how you play those cards and how much work you are prepared to put in.

Life is about living, so I say live it to the full...