Thursday, January 10, 2013

Age before beauty

New year, new beginnings made me stop & think about age. Children count years in quarters & halves, do you remember when six and a half was a big deal ? And then in your teens, how thirty seemed ancient and at twenty, how you couldn't imagine wanting to live beyond forty... really over the hill? Well I think youthfulness is all relative.
Example in point, a recent eye operation for pigmentary glaucoma, not exactly desirable, but essential if I didn't want to loose my sight. So why in the midst of the explanation from the ophthalmologist am I really pleased to be told its a 'young ailment' and thrilled, on giving my date of birth,when the nurse questions this, "really you can't be!" Then, at the point just prior to the op, when I should have been focused on the medical stuff, am I pleased when the medics are slightly nonplussed because they have to ask me about menstrual issues because of my age.

Then there was the Tesco self service machine which would not accept the bottle of Chardonnay  I had amongst my shopping. According to the attendant it was verifying that I was over 18, "fine , I'll take that as a compliment" I said, to the not amused assistant. Well every little helps as the Tesco ad line says.Couple of days later Christmas shopping at Asda  and repeat performance. 'I know, its checking I'm over 18" I commented to the hurried supervisor, "no, it requires input to say you are over 25", she said humorlessly. Well that's OK by me.

Finally,the French school children & the beauty of their  innocence when talking about age and  I joked "well of course I'm 21!" Not as cynical,, as their English counterparts, they simply smiled back at me.

Well I think the children have it right, ignore the  playground politics.I'm officially, '   beep,beep and one third' and loving it.

PS Its not me in the picture, though I was born when the world was mostly in black & white