Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beam me up...

My duel existence in France and the UK is currently full of amazing coincidences. It seems as though my two worlds are getting muddled; the spheres of time are overlapping.

It started on my first return to the UK. I had met Ashley Hutchings (80s folk fame) in Carelles ,whilst he was tutoring on a music course Sept 2012.Then, by pure chance again in my one & only visit to a pub folk group in Cheddleton June 2013.”What are you doing here?” was his response, “well I live here “.Bizarre!

The next week I took a call from some Hawaiian friends, who we met via an art forum on line and who own a holiday home south of us in the Pay de la Loire. RWe have met several times but now they were in England and proposing a visit. Three days & delightful guests, but it felt surreal, as if I’d muddled the images in a dream.

Days later, out house hunting, I meet people actually looking to do the reverse of what we are planning. We are downsizing in the UK with an emphasis on France. They were similarly downsizing, but considering a move to France. Later that day I viewed a property with our daughter Jane, which, it turns out by chance is owned by, a ‘not so popular’ and distant relative, who I’ve not seen for many years. Jane was brilliant, kept her cool and we left in the knowledge of no sell and having taken the ‘moral high ground’, result, but bizarre. Space continuum is having trouble with my timeline!

Then Thursday, responding via Facebook to my old mate Rene (not seen since about 1980& living in New Zealand), she mentions an acquaintance in NZ who came from Longton & was a biker. Several messages later, turns out this guy is the same age and fellow motor head as Ron (ever patient husband) also said husband that knew him in the 1960s. So it comes as no surprise that he is visiting France this year. Invitation to Carelles sent…other worlds colliding!

And only Friday, waiting for a friend at the hospital in Stoke & sitting with a random group of women, I find another bizarre coincidence. One lady knew the village of Carelles, inhabitants 300, and in particular one person, me! It turns out that she is one the village council of the Moorlands school that I have built a link with & the children in both countries re writing to each other. Seems this lady heard the presentation given by David the Head teacher about the school twinning work. Amazing, what are the odds?

Not sure about fate, or whether my stars are in some strange cosmic alignment, but I keep getting this image of ‘the gods’ looking over a pool which is my life & laughing at the ripples they make that muddle my duel existence. Perhaps it’s simply a small world and eventually you will meet those people and places that stand on the edge of your existence. The lesson to learn is that everything is linked, we are all counter balances to each other.

However I have a further theory, it’s called Ryanair…

Now for those of you who have not booked on line through this budget and reputable firm, here’s the low down. Throughout the booking process they bombard you with adverts & services, car hire, suitcases, extra insurance, seat preference hotels and even lottery tickets, all designed to make you spend more money with them. You must complete the obstacle course by checking & declining every step of the way. Now here’s the theory…I reckon at some point in my recent frequent travels I failed to click ‘no thank you’ on one of those sections.

Note to self: Next Ryanair booking check no to…’Time Travel’ option…it’s all getting too bizarre!