Monday, June 25, 2012

What's in a name....what's relevant

What's in a name?
So another English lesson over and rather pleased with how it went, as I endeavoured creative letter writing based on the Olympic work we have been doing.
Now the children are keen to learn but are so used to structure its hard to venture outside. Should have known it didn't bode well back when I started at the school. They could neither name the school or the road it stood on. Now there is only one main street in the village on which stands the school. And, emblazoned on the wall, is the school name, so what was the problem?Well its not that the children lack ability or even common sense , its a case of relevance.
Of course they know which school they go to and so does everyone else....its the village school; identity goes with person and village, not place. 
So here I am extending their  horizons looking at countries, continents and writing to children in England. They understand the concepts, enjoy the letters arriving, but find the process and activities bewildering, even unnecessary.Play a game with words, make a puzzle with actions; just tell me the English words & I'll learn them. Throw a soft toy, say the word with the action play Olympic bingo . Why, I'll just learn it...not relevant, its not better just different.
But we succeeded & finished those letters. Beautifully written, perfectly spelt and lovingly decorated...just all a bit 'samey'. My relevant French words for today ....'meme chose'.