Monday, May 6, 2013

Wisdom does not always need age...

We were highly flattered, earlier this year, to be asked if we would accept a repeat booking for a English Immersion student, who stayed with us last year. It is one heck of a compliment when a 15 year old asks to spend a good part of his holiday, not just with you, but working with you to improve his spoken English.
To say we felt honoured is an understatement, we were blown away. This young man is from a complicated background, English is his third language, with a forth one, German underway, but he realises that language and  particularly spoken language...communication, is so important.

We have just spent a week being inspired by the motivation, humour, courage & dedication of this young man and have we enjoyed it! We have shared jazz  and Brazilian concerts, archery, cooking and cycling.
throughout  all he has applied himself consistently. His written understanding had improved greatly, but it was his constant application and development in spoken English which was so inspiring.
And when we returned him home at his family invitation, we were treated to a small soiree.. All the children gathered around the table while our star student presented his illustrated account of his stay with us. To see & hear his confidence and pride was wonderful and his parents and family obviously felt the same.

We listened to an impromptu recital by his siblings, first the double bass, then his sister on the saxophone & finally,the younger sister, one on the clarinet.   We shared their laughter, their home made cake and more than anything their family, it was great. Feeling a little sad, we prepared to leave & then realised it wasn't going to end like that, it. So we all decided that technology , in the form of Skype would  be a great way to keep in touch & for our young friend to keep practising his English.

Motivated by our week and this teenager I have decided to follow his example and become an Immersion Student myself, but in French. If I can apply, work, practice and achieve even ten percent of what he has I will be delighted. So I say a humble & very sincere  thank you; youth has advised age and inspired maturity.