Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cowpat Lottery

With full credit to the Anglofranco newspaper 'Connections', September 2014, for finding & reporting this gem. Quite believable in a country so involved in to its rural roots. You only have to drive along any rural major  N road to see large scale poster/billboards advertising some agricultural product and many use the cow as its  main focus.
Can't quite imagine what the equivalent in the UK might be, probably a speed camera  or car park lottery. However  the idea of numbers of people paying & watching such a programme is difficult to imagine, but then we do have Big Brother and Gogglebox.
Personally I'd rather watch the cows!
Charente’s first cowpat lottery
September 30, 2014
A HISTORIC first “cowpat lottery” was held in the Charente at the weekend.

While popular in the east of France, the Loto Bouse held in Roumazières on Saturday was the first for the department and was a fundraiser for a local football club, En avant Charente-Est.

The game involves marking out a field with a numbered grid and then letting cows loose in it. The box in which the first cow leaves a pat is the winning one.

At Roumazières the playing space was 50m by 50m, divided into 2,444 boxes.

Some 300 people watched the game. One spectator, from Nice, told Charente Libre: “You don’t often see so many people all staring at cows’ backsides.”

Another said: “It’s good to innovate and be audacious, good for the club and for the town.”

Four prizes were up for grabs, including a holiday and a TV. The club sold more than 900 tickets at €5 each.

A sworn legal officer was on hand to rule on which square contained the most pat in case of doubt.

Loto Bouse started in the Jura and has also taken off in Brittany.