Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reticular Activating System

Now it seems that when your interest becomes your passion and your passion your career, it does not end just because you retire.

My weekly visits to the small French school always rekindle my curiosity of how & why learning occurs. So I suppose it was not a surprise that when I visited the offices of ‘Let’s Speak’ I homed in on the English language text books. They say a good teacher is like Blackpool rock, teaching & communicating runs all the way through.

The conversation led from English language teaching to dyslexia and the fact that French dyslexics are discouraged, even not allowed to learn English (Spanish being the replacement MFL). I was unsurprised, but amazed at this response and it seems that the company have been asked for help by several sets of parents whose dyslexic child has been refused English, because they will, “be unable to learn because of their intelligence”...

 I was aghast and asserted that in terms of the spoken language it was means, methodologies and motivation that was the difference and that dyslexia does not mean low intelligence, but different intelligence and learning styles. 

The discussion that followed proved that you never lose that passion, knowledge is not far under the brains veneer of mundane daily life and, above all creativity grows if you allow it.

Result: I have agreed to become a part of a working group, in the Pay de la Loire, looking at dyslexia teaching & learning.
Inaugural meeting Domfront 28th June ~ now who would have believed that?

Not my loving husband who, when the e mail invitation arrived, scanned the text and said, “sounds good to me let’s do it”. Perhaps I should have known, as my good friend in England pointed out, “You don’t do retirement very well do you?”