Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Learning should be fun...

We now have a new English Immersion student,an intelligent young man with an open smile and great curiosity. He is very mature in all he does, well mostly and, has studied diligently the work set by the company, even though some of it is very dusty.

It seems that there is part of the French educational psyche that feels that it is essential to have tight packed formal worksheets requiring that all important  ability to rote learn & regurgitate. Other areas of work are lighter; crosswords and puzzles.

For example: do you know the English  for papaya, the American for courgettes or a six letter word for French phrase, legumes verte?..... answers on a post card please.

But yesterday & today I have seen him learn from activity, socialisation & drawing and did he progress.
Saturday an English party & socialising
Monday Accrrobranche; for the uninitiated a high wire / tree climbing assault  course on scary scale.
Tuesday sketching  & describing paintings.

The outcome:
  • One chattering young man, who actually forgot he was speaking English.
  • One determined young man who sounded very fluent and forgot he was working.
  • One exhausted young man who found that the English can be fun.
Now that I count as a success...

Incidentally the answers in reverse order are greens, zucchini and paw paw, never thought I put those words together in a single sentence.