Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thinking outside the box...

Funny how you just assume things,that somethings are settled and correct. Not so I discovered today when I noticed the blog times were all incorrect and it looked as though I been putting things up at strange hours.
Made me think of the maths games I have played with children and how educational culture can alter how the children respond. Take the game of Buzz, which entails counting and on a designated number e.g.every number 2 or in 2 sequence table, you say buzz. This takes a knowledge of sequence, table bonds and concentration as each person in the class takes a turn. So 1,buzz,3,buzz,5,buzz.....19,buzz,buzz,buzz... and, if you get it wrong ,you are out of the game.
So here in France whats the difference? Well it causes a problem, because everybody has to think independently, answer singly and the sequence/ turn taking constantly changes as people drop out. Added to that (forgive the pun) is the English language and did we have fun! We used a number square (grid with numbers in tens in order) to help, but part way through even the class teacher, who normally does not get involved, looked confused and asked for a copy of the square.
So we tried it in French,quite a test for my concentration, and still it was really hard work, because it meant changing parammeters....in this case literally thinking outside the box.