Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Divergency...its all in a brush stroke

A guest to our art holiday retreat, which we run from the farm in the Pays de la Loire, was fascinated by her own left / right dominance. Having always assumed she was right side dominant, she had found some preferences for her left hand and so was experimenting with both writing & drawing with her left hand.

My previous studies and work experience as an Advisory Teacher for Literacy & SEN (psychology & dyslexia) meant I had dealt a great deal with learning stlyes, teaching methods and the physical & psychological links of development.

Many a great thinker, Einstein & Leonardo to name but two, has been whole brain functioning / multi dominance. Indeed I believe we all have degrees of cross over in the usage of those two precious hemispheres that constitute the 'wet computer', of our brain. We have developed from seeing only natures curves & light to perceiving man made angularity and artificial light.

Our ancestors, not so many generations back, would have used whatever cognitive or dexterity skills genetics and / or the environment had given them. it is only more recently, in the history of mans evolution, when we measure things largely convergently and, when everyday survival needs are resolved, can we afford the luxury of considering our own functioning.

We are hard wired to seek solutions, but when & how we analyse is dictated by a large number of variables. Some spend lifetimes in academic or analytical pursuit, others look for application and process. Whatever way we cannot avoid our 'fault finding' internal chart, its our way of synthesising the world around us.

Recently I relearnt, via a language French guest, Aristotle's philosophical statement to prove our individual existence...'Je pense, donc je suis'. So in answer to our budding left handed artist.

'If you think you are left side dominant, therefore you probably are'. Well that's what I feel, I think!